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Gay couple in Mexcali becomes the first to marry in the city after 18-month battle

Gay couple in Mexcali becomes the first to marry in the city after 18-month battle

Victor Manuel Aguirrre and Fernando Urias have become the first same-sex couple get married in the Mexican city of Mexicali, near the border with California, on Saturday after local officials ended an 18-month fight that led to a Mexican Supreme Court order to permit the wedding.

The lawyer for the couple had filed a complaint on Friday against Mexicali officials after authorities again blocked the marriage despite the high court ruling.

Only the capital Mexico City and the northern state of Coahuila permit same-sex unions.

As Baja California state – where Mexcali is – does not permit same-sex marriages, the pair who first tried to marry in Mexicali in 2013 were rejected by the local Civil Registry.

The pair then went to the Supreme Court and got an injunction authorizing their union.
The pair was however rejected a second time by the Civil Registry saying bureaucratic procedures had not been followed.

Their third attempt was unsuccessful when their ceremony slated to take place on Jan 10 was cancelled due to a complaint that the two men ‘suffer from madness.’

Angelica Guadalupe Gonzalez Sanchez, president of the Coalition of Baja California Families, who with her husband gives mandatory pre-marital talks to couples, said the pair had been ‘aggressive and impertinent’ after she refused to certify their attendance in her talk. Her husband had reportedly told them that the sessions were intended for heterosexual couples, the San Diego Union-Tribune said.

The couple’s lawyer Jose Luis Marquez Saavedra then filed a complaint on Friday accusing the mayor, two municipal workers and a state employee of failing to fulfill their public duties.