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Gay couple stabbed to death and shot at in homophobic attack in Honduras

Gay couple stabbed to death and shot at in homophobic attack in Honduras

Jorge Sarmiento Honduras

Attackers stabbed a gay couple to death in their home in the Central American country of Honduras.

Multiple people attacked ex-gay bar owner, Jorge Sarmiento, 42, and his 80-year-old partner, Gerard Argiud, in their Atlántida home on 12 May, according to reports.

Local reports indicate ‘strangers’ attacked the couple, stabbing and shooting at them.

Honduran local Sarmiento died on the scene, but Canadian-born Arguid was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. He later died after complications.

Atlantis Travel Group issued a statement following the attack: ‘Reports indicate the couple were attacked by several people because of their sexual orientation and position as prominent members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.’

Sarmiento owned a gay bar called Adonis, but sold it for personal reasons a couple of months ago.

He was well-known within the local LGBTI community.

Homophobia in Honduras

Last year, a report by NGO Cattrachas indicated 215 LGBTI people were killed in the last seven years.

Violence escalated after the ousting of liberal President Manuel Zelaya in the military coup of 2009.

Since then, police corruption has become the ‘primary perpetrator of violations’ to the LGBTI community.

The Coalition Against Impunity, an alliance of 29 Honduran NGOs, warned last year, citing alleged ‘police policy of frequent threats, arbitrary arrests, harassment, sexual abuse, discrimination, torture and cruel or degrading treatment.’

Just last month, a trans woman was strangled to death after her drag show in Honduras.

‘What is happening in Honduras still does not have a name; it is simply savagery in the extreme expression of evil and lack of respect for life,’ Asociación LGBT Arcoíris General Coordinator Donny Reyes told the Washington Blade.

‘And this is based in three elements. 1) Religious fundamentalism in the name of God that comes from the pulpits and urges governments to discriminate and (promote) hate against LGTB people. 2) The press that contributes and promotes this hate and 3) Last but not least the state itself by not, at the very least, taking positive actions to punish all of those who commit these terrible crimes.’