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This gay couple bravely stood up to hundreds of neo-Nazis with a kiss

This gay couple bravely stood up to hundreds of neo-Nazis with a kiss


Would you dare to stand up to an angry mob of screaming, flag-waving neo-Nazis?

Well, a Spanish gay couple was determined to show that they ain’t afraid of hatred.

David Fernández and Gregor Eistert were on a date in the city center on Saturday when they encountered Spanish neo-Nazi group ‘Hogar Social Madrid‘ that was protesting the welcoming of refugees into the capital.

The group were marching into Plaza del Dos de Mayo in Malasaña, one of Madrid hippest and most bohemian neighbourhoods, while cheering for Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and chanting, ‘Spain yes, refugees no!’ reports The Local.

Fernández, 23, told Spanish newspaper El Español that they were looking for a terrace to grab a drink when they stumbled upon the far right demonstration.

Some of the demonstrators who saw that the two were holding hands then started shouting homophobic slurs such as ‘maricón’ (a derogatory Spanish word similar to faggot), ‘You’ve got AIDS!’ and ‘sickos’ at them.

But instead of hiding away, the pair gave a surprising response:

‘What a great picture.’

Fernández told El Español that their kiss was ‘completely spontaneous’ and came from a place of anger.

He added that it was their way of expressing their ‘repulsion’ of the demonstration.

The photo of them kissing has since gone viral on social media:

‘Look at the faces the Nazi scum from Hogar Social de Madrid have. These guys had a great time at their expense.’

‘Beautiful and epic moment of the kiss of David and Gregor against Nazi demonstration on Saturday in Madrid.’

Another video taken shows the couple kissing in front of the protestors until they stopped by a policeman and told to leave the square.

A Twitter user responded:

‘ETERNAL love for David and Gregor. Thank you for being so brave and so precious! <3’

Fernández told El Español that he could not comprehend why they told to leave, though he acknowledged that it would be easier for the police to move them than the huge mob.

‘I couldn’t understand why they were kicking us out of the square when the ones committing a hate crime were them.’

H/t: BuzzFeed News