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Gay couple subjected to homophobic attack in Key West: ‘You live in Trump Country now’

Gay couple subjected to homophobic attack in Key West: ‘You live in Trump Country now’

Key West, Florida

A gay, Florida Keys couple were subjected to a homophobic hate crime in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Kevin Paul Taylor posted about the incident, which took place near the 1200 block of Duval Street, on his Facebook page later that day.

‘Feeling disheartened because we were victims of a hate crime last night biking home from dinner and a drunk tourist on a scooter harassed Kevin Seymour and me all the way down Duval, calling us faggots and a slew of other anti gay remarks such as “I bet you faggots voted for that bitch Hillary – well you live in Trump Country now.”

‘He kept stopping in front of us and swerving into us.

‘Finally Kevin got ahead of him and the guy charges him with his scooter and runs into him and knocks him off his bike.

‘Kevin is okay. Luckily it happened right in front of a business with lots of cameras and also there was a witness on the porch that gave a sworn statement to the police.

‘Thankful Kevin is okay and our emotional wounds will heal.’

‘I’ll cut you up’

They couple noted down the license plate of the scooter and gave the details to the police, who filed an aggravated battery report.

The report says that when Seymour told the Moped rider that he was going to call 911, he allegedly replied, ‘If you do that, I’ll cut you up.’

Although his bike was knocked over, Seymour did not suffer physical injuries.

Key West is famed for being one of the most gay-friendly areas of the United States. Around 200,000 LGBTI people visit the two-mile by four-mile island town each year. Homophobic incidents are comparatively rare.

Police spoke to another witness to the incident who confirmed the couple’s account. They said the scooter rider was a white man in his mid- to late 30s with ‘a southern accent’, wearing gray shorts and a blue polo shirt.

Florida Keys police told GSN that the incident is under investigation, but as yet, no-one has been arrested.