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WATCH: Trump’s travel ban could keep this gay couple from their happy ending

WATCH: Trump’s travel ban could keep this gay couple from their happy ending

Paul's partner lives in Iran

A Texan-Iranian gay ccouple is facing an agonizing wait to see if President Trump’s travel ban is going to stop their wedding plans.

Paul Harrison lives in Texas. His fiancé lives in Iran, where homosexuality is punishable by death.

During a holiday in Istanbul, Paul says, there was one thing his partner wanted to do more than anything else: kiss his partner in public.

‘He’d never ever had the opportunity to do something like that,’ Paul said.

‘It was just such a wonderful experience for me to see that he actually felt free.’

Even old women chasing them down the streets with their umbrellas wouldn’t have stopped them.

But now President Trump might.

After years of being a couple, and traveling thousands of miles to see each other, they made plans to get married.

‘No more of this flying 7,000 miles to be with him, when I could be with him every day right here, legally,’ Paul said in a HRC video.

And then Trump signed his first executive order banning people from seven majority Muslim countries, including Iran and Syria, from entering the US.

It made Paul feel so sick, he ran to the bathroom because he felt like he was about to vomit.

‘With one signature on a piece of paper, our lives completely changed,’ he said.

The first ban may have been struck down in the courts, but that doesn’t mean the couple’s future is safe.

With Trump’s second travel ban, this time including only six countries, on the horizon, Paul said they are racing against time.

Before the first order, his partner was about three months away from getting his visa and arriving in Texas.

Now, it is unclear how the new order will affect their wedding plans.

‘I just want him here and I want to keep him safe,’ Paul said.

‘That’s all I want.’

He is currently abroad and working to get his fiancé’s visa sorted, so he can come to the US.

Watch their full story below: