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Gay couples can now marry in Russia, as long as they’re British

Gay couples can now marry in Russia, as long as they’re British

Gay couples are now allowed to marry in the British consulates of several anti-gay countries, including Russia.

The Foreign Office has allowed British nationals and their partners to marry in countries that do not have same-sex marriage.

In June last year, Vladimir Putin signed a law banning the ‘propaganda’ of homosexuality to children.

This has led to several arrests, expression has been stifled and an increase in homophobic and transphobic attacks.

Chris Bryant, the former Foreign Office minister and gay Labour MP, said he hoped the move would be celebrated in homophobic countries.

He told The Independent: ‘I hope that when they start seeing gay and lesbian couples getting married in the British consulate in Moscow they will celebrate rather than denigrate and persecute.’

The full list is Australia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Russia, San Marino, Serbia and Vietnam.

Other countries, like Hong Kong, have been allowed to refuse permission to allow same-sex marriages in British consulates.

Politicians like Russian lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, who co-sponsored the ‘gay propaganda’ law, appear to be unfazed.

‘The British consulates can do whatever they want,’ he told The Moscow Times. ‘They can marry monkeys and register perverts for all I care.’