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Gay couples costumes that don’t need to be sexy

Gay couples costumes that don’t need to be sexy

Do you know what you're wearing for Halloween?

SPONSORED: Halloween is full of classic couple’s costumes: Bonnie and Clyde; Joker and Harley Quinn; Raggedy Ann and Andy to name just a few. There are not near as many clear-cut costume options for gay couples.

It seems like for most gay couple costumes you both need to have six pack abs and a willingness to expose just about everything.

If you and your partner have hit a brick wall in choosing your look, before you give up on buying a costume, here is a list of trendy, popular and frighteningly fun, non-sexy gay couples costumes to jumpstart your Halloween!

Prince Charming from Cinderella and Prince Erik from Little Mermaid

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rodolfoloazia | Instagram

Surprise everyone with a dream Disney crossover as two of animation’s most popular leading men.

Princes Charming and Erik make a terrific couple as they set aside their individual dramas to hit the town together in their respective royal suits.

That lavish Disney style will wash over your entire Halloween and leave everyone singing and dancing in your wake. Show everyone that Princesses aren’t the only ones who get to have fun!

Pretty much every Disney movie has a prince. Choose your to favorites and leave the Fairy Godmother at home.

Godzilla Vs. King Kong

Images: Inflatable Godzilla Costume and Inflatable King Kong Costume

It’s a literal Monster Mash when these two giants of film team-up for your epic couple’s costume!

Your look will dwarf everyone else’s when the legendary creatures put aside their timeless rivalry to enjoy a little Halloween revelry! Set the stage and give some scale to your mega monsters, when you give your King Kong a Barbie doll and Godzilla a GI Joe!

Supersize your Halloween fun with these unbeatable and awe-inspiring costumes!

Batman and Robin

Source: Batman and Robin costumes

With instant recognizability and a vast array of style possibilities, DC Comics’ dynamic duo is a mainstay of couple’s Halloween costuming.

Go old-school 1960s with the Adam West/Burt Ward outfits, or more modern with the Caped Crusaders’ look from the popular Arkham video game series. Either way, you and your partner have super badass and fun costumes that pack a real punch.

Of course you can also play to the alter egos and dress up as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, but then you’re just wearing a couple of nice suits.

Mario And Luigi

husbeartwins | Instagram

Share your love of gaming with a couple’s costume celebrating Nintendo’s mustachioed, mushroom eating plumbers!

Iconic and playful, Super Mario Bros. costumes are great whether you’re just hanging out around the house handing out trick or treat candy, at a company party or club hopping.

You can also go as two different Marios, with one wearing a yellow cape and the other a raccoon accessory kit. Have fun with this concept and take your costumes to The Warp Zone!

Darth Vader And Luke Skywalker

In terms of hero/villain pairs, it’s hard to beat the personified representation of light vs. the dark. Show off your contrasting yet complementary personalities with a pair of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker costumes and some lightsabers.

With the franchise’s popularity at an all-time high, you’re guaranteed to turn heads by showing up as these two cinematic titans. Plus you have the lightsabers, so if the party gets boring you can spice it up with an impromptu fencing tournament.

Plug and Plug costume

Source: Costumesupercenter

Put a fun and unexpected twists on a simple and quick, standard couples look when you wear two plug costumes this Halloween instead of the typical plug and socket.

Frankly, there are numerous options if you’re looking to turn this concept on its comedic ear. Be innovative and creative to come up with a witty, clever and unforgettable plug/socket costume combination that people will talk about all year long.

Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Source: Reddit user CatalanRefugee

Put a little Disney and Pixar love in your Halloween when you and your partner choose to be this adventurous and fun-loving pair. Halloween is a unique opportunity to live out fantasies. Everyone’s favorite animated yet inanimate spaceman and cowboy will provide a mood of excitement and outright merriment wherever you decide to play.

The same can be said for a set of Despicable Me Minion costumes. Bring some good time and cheer to the night of terror and fright.

Harry and Lloyd From Dumb and Dumber

They may be idiotic schmucks, but at least they’re well-dressed. Absolutely shut down any costume party when you show up in replicas of Harry and Lloyd’s tuxedos from Dumb and Dumber.

Few things are more eye-catching than a baby blue tuxedo and a bright orange tuxedo seemingly styled after Gene Kelly Circa 1955!

Have your catch phrases and memorized movie lines ready, as everyone will be excited to get some time with these loveable and legendary morons. Add some Binaca and a bottle of laxative to squeeze a few more gags out of this crowd-pleaser.

Ash And Pikachu


A worldwide symbol of camaraderie and teamwork, Ash Ketchum and his trusty Pokemon Pikachu face every challenge head-on and always stand together.

Show your unbreakable bond when one of you dresses as the franchise’s marquee trainer and the other one chooses a fluffy and comfortable Pikachu costume.

If you are more than water type, go with Squirtle or any of your other favorite Pokemon. Lovable and trendy, you can’t go wrong with this long-time fan favorite.

Adam and Steve

You’re making the punchline of one of comedy’s oldest jokes when you show up as Adam and Steve! Show everyone an alternate Garden of Eden when you opt simply to cover the bare essentials with fig leaves.

Bold, shocking and packed with attitude, this costume decision is not for the faint of heart – but your bravado will be rewarded in laughter and applause.

You might want to play Steve as a flannel shirt wearing, beer drinking everyman alongside the fig-leaf clad Adam. Now, there’s a couple made in heaven!

Classic Pennywise and New Pennywise

Halloween costume ideas Pennywise
Pennywise 2017 and Pennywise 1990

Main image source: New Pennywise Costume and Old Pennywise Costume

Highlight one of the biggest debates in modern movie history when your friends are looking at classic 1980s Pennywise and the new rebooted Pennywise side by side.

Give everyone the creeps as they discuss the pros and cons of both these terrifying supernatural clowns.

And trick-or-treaters will be in for the fright of a lifetime when they’re greeted at the door by the ghosts of Stephen King’s It, past and present!

Goose and Maverick

Air up that volleyball, gas up the fighter jet and crank the Kenny Loggins, because you and your partner are entering the Danger Zone as Top Gun’s Maverick and Goose, the OG wingman!

Movie fanatics far and wide will be doing fly-bys to get a glimpse of your replica flight suits and aviator sunglasses! If you really have the need for speed, pull up on a motorcycle wearing these action-packed Top Gun Halloween costumes!

But fair warning: you will be asked to sing You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling, so be well rehearsed.

Mad Scientist and Frankenstein

House of Frankenstein (1944)
House of Frankenstein (1944) Universal

Halloween costumes come no more classic than Dr. Frankenstein and his monster. Go iconic and retro with the 1940s Universal look, or adapt and create your own versions of these characters for a modern and never-before-seen concept that will set the bar for those in search of traditional horror.

Incorporate a more zombified skin effect on your monster to get a little more realistic gore from this tried and true concept. Whatever aesthetic you choose, you will be representing a pair with a bond stronger than death.

Cops and Robbers

You can’t have one without the other. Cops and robbers go together like the peanut butter and jelly of costuming.

Get a standard replica of a policeman’s uniform, or maybe you’re a cool detective who just wears a T-shirt and badge on a necklace, but when your partner is wearing a black eye mask and carrying a big bag with a dollar sign on it, you are in for some felonious Halloween fun!

Simple, easy and exciting, this classic combo stands out over most of Halloweens usual suspects.