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Gay couples may soon be able to get public housing in Taipei

Gay couples may soon be able to get public housing in Taipei

Thousands marched for gay marriage in Taipei last weekend.

Same-sex couples living in Taiwan’s capital will so be able to rent public housing.

Chien Se-fang, a division chief at the Taipei City government’s Department of Urban Development said it had approved changes to regulations of public housing rentals.

Chien confirmed the amendments were now on to the next stage of public approval and will then be submitted to the city’s municipal administrative council for final approval in May.

If all of the steps are approved, people in registered same-sex partnerships will be able to apply for public housing.

In 2015, Taipei became the second Taiwanese city to allow gay residents to list their partners in household registration records.

Since then the number of same-sex couples registrations has reached 298 with 55 of those being gay men 243 are lesbians, according to city government data.

Taiwan is set to become the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage with a number of its government branches have agreed to review the marriage equality legislation.

The announcement comes just months after a Taipei city government survey revealed 75% of residents approve of public housing rather than selling the units.