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‘Gay cure’ summit comes to central London

‘Gay cure’ summit comes to central London

A ‘gay cure’ convention is scheduled to take place in London this month. 

The Holy Sexuality Conference will take place over five days from 21 to 25 April, with gay people being specifically invited in order to help them ‘overcome’ their ‘sexual habits’.

Three of the biggest ‘ex-gay’ advocates have been invited to speak; Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely and Danielle Harrison of the Coming Out Ministries.

At similar events in the past, the three have shared their own experiences and told people what they advise them to do to avoid attraction to the same sex.

They have also given tips on how to tell whether someone is gay by how they are dressed and act, and how to interact with LGBTI people.

The convention is orgnaized by the Seventh Day Adventist Church, a Christian organization that regards homosexuality as a breach of God’s Commandments and a sin.

GSN spoke to one of the organizers, Anamaria (who declined to give a last name), who considers what these ‘ex-gay’ advocates do as a ‘miracle’.

‘These three people have overcome what many people are still struggling with, the people who felt so unloved. For them, they have moved out of this lifestyle and embraced Christianity,’ she said.

‘It’s like committing adultery. This conference will teach homosexuals how to overcome similar habits.’

Anamaria believes this conference will genuinely help counsel any gay person who is struggling with their sexuality.

But while she believes gay people can ‘overcome’ their sexuality, she does not believe homosexuality is the worst sin.

‘I have a lot of homosexual friends, they are some of the most trustworthy friends that I have, and it’s basically changed my whole view of how we should look at these people,’ she said, adding that some of them will be attending the convention.

‘God loves every person, despite of who you are.’

The World Health Organization considers ‘gay cure’ therapy to be damaging to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing and says it should not be attempted by anyone.