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‘Gay cure’ therapy exposed in UK church in hidden-camera investigation

‘Gay cure’ therapy exposed in UK church in hidden-camera investigation

A UK church has been filmed offering 'gay cure' therapy

A hidden-camera investigation has exposed ‘gay cure’ therapy going on in a UK church.

Pastor Gbenga Samuel, of the Kent branch of Winners’ Chapel, is seen in the video telling the reporter God didn’t create him to be gay.

He says he also believes he can ‘cure’ the reporter from homosexuality.

He then describes homosexuality is the work of Satan and society’s acceptance today of LGBTI people is also the ‘devil’s work’.

The pastor compared acceptance of homosexuality to Nazi brainwashing of Germans.

UK church ‘gay cure’ therapy exposed in hidden-camera investigation

Samual is one of the UK pastors at the Nigerian-founded church.

The undercover reporter, from ITV News, went to the church to investigate claims of ‘gay cure’ therapy.

Two pastors then pray and shout over him as the reporter is rolled around the floor.

‘Let there be a release!’ the pastors shout. ‘Let the fire come upon him!’

The reporter was also told he needs to embark on a ‘complete mind reorientation’, including intensely studying the Bible.

Samuel told him: ‘During World War II, how was Hitler able to get boys to gas millions of Jews in the gas chamber?’

He added: ‘These boys were specially trained in a special school where it was played over to them, over and over, during the day and during the night, the propaganda that the Jews are the bad people, and they should be exterminated.’

Church denies it is engaging in ‘gay cure’ therapy

A woman, who also went to the UK church, was told she was possessed.

‘His words were along the lines of there’s something inside of you that needs to come out. So whether that is a demon or a bad spirit, it’s something that’s in me. And it’s almost like he had his hand on my chest to draw something out, speaking in tongues. All the family were gathered around me, praying, laying hands on me,’ the woman said.

The Evangelical Alliance, representing the thousands of Pentecostal churches in Britain, said: ‘Churches and their leaders must be held accountable when they misuse their influence over others.

‘Winners’ Chapel International is not a member of the Evangelical Alliance and we would have serious concerns regarding the behaviour depicted.’

A Winners’ Chapel spokesperson denied they engage in any form of conversion therapy. The church said they would be conducting an internal investigation.

They say they are open to all people and take ‘inclusion and diversity very seriously’. They say they comply with the law and follow the ‘Biblical teachings of love for everyone regardless of their belief, gender, background or sexual orientation’.

Plan to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy

In July, the British government announced their plan to ban ‘gay cure’ therapy.

However, there have been no further announcements since that proposal.

The proposal was part of 30 pages of pledges, including on how to improve police response to LGBTI hate crime.

Other suggestions include more support for LGBTI students and teachers and improvements to gender identity services.

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