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Gay dad in custody battle in Brisbane

Man accuses ex-wife’s family of homophobia and racism

Gay dad in custody battle in Brisbane

A bitter custody battle is raging in Brisbane Federal Magistrate’s court this week, with a gay dad saying his obese ex-wife has a ‘co-dependent relationship’ with their eldest son, ‘even to the point of joint comfort eating’.

The mother of the two boys, aged ten and eight, denies their father’s claims. She wants to take her sons to live with her in her hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand.

But the boys’ father says his ex-wife’s family in Christchurch is ‘homophobic’ and ‘racist’ and he doesn’t want his sons to be influenced by them.

‘Part of my concern is that the children have had pedophilia associated with the word gay,’ the father told magistrate Susan Purdon-Sally, as reported by

‘This whole thing is about (her) family feeling they are morally superior. I represent two things that family cannot stand – being gay and being in a mixed-race relationship.’

Magistrate Purdon-Sally has reserved her decision to grant custody to the mother or the father in the case.

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