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Gay dad invites Supreme Court judge for dinner

Justice Anthony Kennedy holds a crucial vote for marriage equality. Gay dad Rob Watson encourages him to 'be a rock star. Do the right thing'.

Gay dad invites Supreme Court judge for dinner

Rob Watson, LGBT activist and father of two, wants a Supreme Court judge over for dinner.

Watson has written an open letter to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to invite him to dinner, to meet his two sons and partner Jim, and to talk marriage equality.

In his letter Watson says: ‘If you come, you will meet my 10-year-old sons, who will likely impress you, given how personable, articulate, polite and bright they are. If you were to come to dinner with my family, you would also meet Jim. He is the man in my life.’

We can talk about my relationship with Jim, and how, before I met him, millions of strangers voted for me not to be able to marry him. Neither of us has yet brought up marriage, but you will see by looking at us that one of us probably will want to bring it up in the near future. We are happy and love each other that much.’

Watson chose Justice Kennedy because of Kennedy’s status at the ‘swing vote’, the one Justice whose votes are less predictable than his consistently conservative or liberal colleagues.

Kennedy played a crucial role in the two LGBT cases Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas that led to decriminalization of sodomy in 13 states. In 2000 he also voted in the case of Boy Scouts of America v. Dale to uphold the organization’s ban on homosexuality.

Kennedy is one of the judges who will hear and contribute a vote to the two gay marriage cases currently before the Supreme Court.

Read Rob Watson’s open letter to Jusitce Kennedy on Huffington Post.

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