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Gay dads announce they’re having triplets in cutest reveal ever

Gay dads announce they’re having triplets in cutest reveal ever

Gay dads reveal they're expecting triplets

These gay dads announced they’re expecting triplets in the cutest family photo ever.

Jason Babcock, 30 and Adam Gentile, 31 are from Marlborough, Massachusetts. Jason (or Poppa) is a stay-at-home dad and Britney Spears diehard fan, according to his Instagram. His husband Adam (or Dadda) is the executive director of operations for a major anesthesia company.

They met at the University of Massachusetts Amherst 10 years ago and married on 27 July, 2013.

It wasn’t long until they were looking into options for surrogacy when their friend Jessica offered to carry their baby.

Then little baby Tristan was born on 6 January this year.

Gay dads announce theyre having triplets in cutest way
Gay dads announce theyre having triplets in cutest way (Image: jbabs245 | Instagram)

‘We were over the moon when Jessica told us she was willing and ready to simply carry again for us the second time,’ Jason told Gay Star News.

So the pair went down to Boston IVF to fertilize embryos from both Adam and Jason and implanted those into Jessica.

It wasn’t long until they found out Jessica was carrying triplets.

Jason exclaimed: ‘Three little babies!’

‘It’s overwhelming, but it’s also so exciting to think about the family we are getting with triplets,’ he said.

So they posted the happy news on Instagram in the cutest possible way.

Gay dads announce triplets
Gay dads announce triplets (Image: jbabs245 | Instagram)

In the caption, Jason wrote: ‘We are extremely excited to announce that our family is growing exponentially. We are expecting triplets come May 2018!

‘It’ll be a full house of laughter, love and craziness,’ he added.

Our surrogate is ‘an angel and a blessing’

They owe it all to their generous surrogate Jessica. She’s 31 years old, with three kids of her own and a loving husband.

She also has two jobs and is in her senior year of nursing school. Jason joked: ‘All of this is enough to handle without thinking about carrying a child for friends, let alone triplets.’

Jason and Jessica
Jason and Jessica (Image: Instagram)

The love these gay dads have for their friend Jessica is unmistakable. Jason said: ‘She is an angel, a blessing, just the best.

‘She does it simply because she believes we deserve a family the way anyone else does.

‘We will forever be in debt to her and her family,’ he said.

Jason’s confident they’ll be alright with three new additions to their family.

He said: ‘We have a great support system and Adam and I are a great team.’