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Neil Patrick Harris and other adorable gay dads celebrate Halloween with their kids

Neil Patrick Harris and other adorable gay dads celebrate Halloween with their kids

gay dads halloween Neil Patrick Harris

It’s that time of the year again… whether trick and treating, pumpkin picking or just dressing up for the hell of it, gay dads show us some of their family fun. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka shared their annual Halloween image to Instagram (above) – check out more below.

2. Little monsters!

Dads Chris and Chris Palmarozza with triplets Connor, Logan and Parker. The little ones enjoyed their first Halloweed with their dads in Burlington, Connecticut. ‘Dressing up was fun but they were disappointed they couldn’t hsve any candy!’ daddy Chris told GSN.

3. Papa Perez

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Celebrity correspondent Perez Hilton with kids Mia and Mario: ‘The Fake News Media, a princess and a dinosaur walk into the zoo and… have a great time!!’

4. Off to see the Wizard!

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‘Halloween has always been our favorite holiday to celebrate together. We wanted to make sure that Charlotte developed the same love of the day. This is one of her three costumes this year!’

5. Pumpkins and plaid

Time to pick pumpkins!
Time to pick pumpkins! louieprice_05 | Instagram

Dad Tom (left) tells GSN: ‘To us, Halloween means family, tradition, and fun. We always pick pumpkins at our favorite local farm and enjoy corn mazes and kettle corn. Once we get home, everyone carves their own pumpkin with a little help from the Dads. We enjoy roasted pumpkin seeds and fresh apple cider to complete our preparations.’

Dad Louie (right) added: ‘Halloween, in our family, is a time when our boys get to be anybody that they want to be. Where we get to play and have make believe and let our imaginations run wild, regardless of what others might think.

‘I believe a lot of kids these days, with all the technological advancements, lose out on one of the most important aspects of growing up, their imagination.’

6. Soccer star Robbie Rogers and son, Caleb


Found the perfect pumpkin!! Thanks uncle @rowe_brian_!!

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7. Witchcraft

Ghouls, goblins, sea witches and Dogfish Head beer! Another Sea Witch Festival on the books! 👻🎃👨👨👧

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Meet the Rhodes family: Jeff, Ava and Tyler.

Dad Jeff told GSN: ‘This has always been one of Ava’s favorite holidays that she counts down to each year. It gives us all an opportunity to toss all of the craziness of the real world aside, dress up and be silly – which is always a recipe for great memories!’

8. Batman, Robin and the Joker

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Danny Finkel (Batman), Graham Murphy (Robin) and Collin Finkel Murphy (the Joker).

‘This is our first Halloween with our baby boy, and we’re excited to start a family tradition that celebrates the fun and silly in life.’

9. More friends of Dorothy!

Somewhere over the rainbow 🌈 #TheoDL #halloween2017 #gaydads #pitbullsofinstagram

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‘Having a child, you get to relive all the things you loved when you were young,’ dad Matt Deleva told GSN. ‘I remember trick or treating with my family when I was a boy, it was a chance to dress up and be silly together.’

10. Cowabunga!

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11. Twin traditions

Not pictured: Me eating enough Halloween candy for the four of us. 🍭 🎃 🍬 👻

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‘Tradition is very important to me, especially because we’re a non-traditional family,’ says New Hampshire dad, Sean Joseph. ‘Decorating for Halloween and planning my costume each year was a true highlight of my childhood, so I’m excited to ensure that it becomes a memorable tradition for my children too.’

12. We can be heroes…

Heading home after a Halloween parade!!! #myboy #mysuperhero #lgbtfamily #twodads #gaydads

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