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These gay dads took their new baby to see the sights of Paris – and we fell in love

These gay dads took their new baby to see the sights of Paris – and we fell in love

Gay dads James, 43, and Charlie, 33, affectionately known as Papa and Daddy, have been surrogate parents to their baby daughter Charlie since September 2017.

To celebrate the new year, and baby Charlie turning four months old, the family flew from their home in San Francisco to Paris on one of their first family adventures abroad – and the photos are just gorgeous.

Being gay dads on Instagram

Speaking exclusively to Gay Star News about their decision to share their family life with the world, James, 43, said: ‘We talked a lot up front about how much of our journey and our family we wanted to share with the world.

‘Social media is a wonderful platform to connect with people around the world, but in can also feel invasive. And lately it seems especially polarized and filled with vitriol.’

Why it’s important to be a visible LGBTI family on social media

He added: ‘So the natural instinct is to want to protect your family, your privacy, and your child. We understand and support parents who take that position. But we’ve also both been deeply involved in the equality movement and recognize the importance of personal storytelling to winning hearts and minds.

‘After much debate, we realized that if we could play even a small role in changing the way people think about the LGBT community, or inspiring other would-be parents, we had a responsibility to share our story.’

Papa, Daddy and Charlie fly to Paris

The gay dads and daughter headed off on their adventure a few days after Christmas and have shared their journey on Instagram through the eyes of baby Charlie, who’s a very clever and funny commentator, as they explored the City of Lights.

Thank you for sharing your adventures with us – we’re very excited to see what you will do next baby Charlie!

‘When Papa and Daddy said we were going to Paris for New Years I just assumed it would be First Class. I feel like I’ve been tricked. 🙄’

‘OMG guys it turns out I was supposed to be Parisian— I love it here!’‘I’m pretty sure I was the littlest human at the Louvre today. It’s cool tho— Daddy was super into the art and Papa and I mostly just goofed around. PS: Can someone please explain all the fuss over the painting of Mona? I don’t get it. 🙄’

‘Apparently you can get away with anything if you call it art? C’est chouqant! 😮’

‘It’s our third day and I’ve started asking Papa and Daddy to start calling me by my middle name Elouise because well Paris duh… 😍😍😍’

‘Daddy and Papa said I had to make a resolution so I resolved to be ridiculously adorable in 2018. How am I doing so far? 😬’


‘Charlie: I sure do love the Hall of Mirrors. There are like 1,000 of me. 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 Papa & Daddy: 🙄’

‘Turns out I get lots of Papa & Daddy kisses on holiday and I’m super ok with it. How do you say “kiss” in French? 😘😘😘’


‘If Paris doesn’t make you feel like a princess Papa and Daddy certainly will👸’

‘At this point I’m pretty sure my first words are going to be “je t’aime paris.” 💕🇫🇷💕’‘Not sure that it qualifies as a ‘triumph,’ but hey look everyone I’m four months old today! (See what I did there? 😜)’

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