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‘Gay’ Daleks invade Sydney to exterminate anti-gay hate

‘Gay’ Daleks invade Sydney to exterminate anti-gay hate

‘Gay’ Daleks will be invading Sydney Mardi Gras in order to exterminate homophobia.

A lesbian couple of 25 years, Kathy Sant and Jenny Mann, made three hot-pink Daleks and other props for a float in their house and backyard in Marrickville, Sydney. They created the extraterrestrial race of cyborgs to honor the very gay-friendly British science fiction show Doctor Who.

With one of them nicknamed ‘David the Dalek’, the three will be taking pride of place on the ‘Exterminate Homophobia’ float.

It will be presented by the two Sydney lesbians, but for them this Mardi Gras is not just about fun, color and fabulosity. They recreated the Doctor’s greatest enemy with the message: ‘Equality: You must comply’.

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade in one of the world’s largest and most-loved LGBTQI celebrations. It is a chance to celebrate the universal message of diversity, equality and love.

Every year, the parade is an explosion of creative and political expression, extravagant floats, spectacular costumes and show stopping moments.

Jenny Mann told Same Same she’s looking forward to the Daleks invading Mardi Gras, but knows their choreography will be a little limited.

‘We just hope there aren’t any steps along the way,’ she said.