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Gay dating app Grindr crashes due to Olympic ‘overuse’

Within minutes of Olympic teams arriving, the app crashes in East London due to high volume of demand

Gay dating app Grindr crashes due to Olympic ‘overuse’

The gay dating app Grindr crashed due to a massive increase in demand, which some believe has something to do with the first Olympic athletes arriving in London.

Technical experts believe the arrival of the teams on Monday (16 July) crashed the service in East London, the place where many athletes and tourists are staying during the event.

Grindr allows users to pinpoint potential partners using iPhone’s GPS system, as well as chatting to new people and friends.

The People reports a frustrated Londoner as saying: ‘It happened almost as soon as the teams got here.

‘Either loads of athletes were logging on to meet fellow Olympians or were looking to bag a local. The Grindr system obviously couldn’t cope.’

A tiny fraction, less than 1%, of athletes at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics are openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. There will only be 18 competing out of 12,602.

Technical problems continued to plague the app, but service returned to normal after a few days.

Founder Joel Simkhai wanted to personally apologize to users.

He said: ‘I know it was frustrating. I was frustrated myself. I also rely on Grindr in my day-to-day personal life. It made me feel disconnected.

‘Our tech team worked around the clock to solve the problems and to whip Grindr back into shape.’

The site was launched in 2009 and claims to have four million customers worldwide.

London is the most popular city for the app with 350,000 registered users.

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