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Gay DJ Nick Grimshaw launches revamped breakfast show

Gay radio host Nick Grimshaw says he was nervous and excited for his first day hosting the Radio 1 breakfast show

Gay DJ Nick Grimshaw launches revamped breakfast show

Gay radio DJ Nick Grimshaw, known as ‘Grimmy’, has made his debut as host of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show.

Grimshaw opened the show by telling listeners it’s ‘quite a surreal day for me’, and said: ‘I’ve been dreaming about this since I was a little child.

‘Day one of the big job and I’m nervous, I’m excited, happy- but more than anything just desperate to get on with it. So shall we do it? Let’s do the Radio 1 breakfast show.’

Since 2009, Grimshaw has been hosting the 10pm to midnight slot as well as a Sunday night show with fellow DJ and friend Annie Mac.

Grimshaw joins Scott Mills as the only other openly gay radio DJ to host a peaktime show on one of the popular British radio stations, with Mills hosting the 1-4:00pm drive time show.

Mills passed along his congratulations on his Twitter, saying: ‘Well done @grimmers!!’

Speaking of his sexuality, Grimshaw told the Daily Mirror: ‘I think it’s pretty obvious. But I’m not going to start wearing pink feather boas and playing show tunes.

‘Here’s a Liza Minnelli mini-mix. He says he never came out. "I was never in".’

In an interview with The Guardian, Grimshaw opened up about his private life. He said: ‘I’ve just not met anyone that I thought "oh, I really like you" that much.

‘I work so much, when I do go out, I’d rather go out with my friends. I’d rather do that than, like, go out on the prowl. I literally can’t think of anything worse.’

He did reveal he would like to date American R&B singer Frank Ocean, who recently came out as gay.

‘I’d really like to go out with Frank Ocean…I think he might be whiny though. Like why have you not called me?,’ he said.

Nick Grimshaw hosts the Radio 1 Breakfast Show from 6.30-10 am, Monday-Friday. Click here to listen to his first show.

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