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Live your gay dream in Thailand

Live your gay dream in Thailand

Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa

Thailand is often called the “Jewel of Asia”. And not without a reason, since it is an exotic country with rich history and innumerable natural beauties.

It’s brilliant temples, majestic palaces, ancient cities, tropical atmosphere, white sandy beaches and green mountains, make Thailand Asia’s most attractive tourist destination.

Bright sunshine, orchids, rubies, the feeling of love and the passion for religion, are the country’s main features.

It’s people combine their marvelous culture with modern western influences, in complete harmony. They are extremely friendly and polite, and smiling is one of Thai people’s main characteristics.


  • The best period to visit: November to February.
  • Travel costs in Thailand: One Thai baht equals £0.023, $0.028 or €0.027. The prices are pretty affordable, compared to most regions in Europe and the US.
  • LGBT level of acceptance: Even though Thailand accepts the LGBTI community and there are no laws against the gay community, we advise you to avoid the public display of affection.

The top 7 destinations for your gay holidays in Thailand and the best Hotels to stay

1. Gay travel in Bangkok


The “City of Angels”, as people usually call Bangkok, is built on the banks of river Chao Praia. It is a city of 10 million people and is the most vibrant and noisy part of Thailand. On every road in Bangkok, there is a surprise waiting for you, like the many exotic temples surrounded by delightful gardens.

The city’s most popular attractions for gay travelers, are, of course, the gay spas and massage centers, most of them located on Silom Soi 2, Silom Soi 4 and Twilight areas. Vivid night clubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants are also found here, making this area a crowded mixture of gay guys from every corner of the earth.

But gay life is not the only thing Bangkok has to offer. Get the time to discover the exotic side of Bangkok, and fall in love with a city that is really more impressive than life itself!



Amara Bangkok Hotel
Amara Bangkok Hotel is located next to Silom Soi 2, 4 and Twilight streets, where you will find the city’s most popular gay venues, including gay bars and gay clubs. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, a fully equipped Sky Gym, and an Infinity-Edge swimming pool. More gay tips.


U Sathorn Bangkok
Enjoy your breakfast at U Sathorn Bangkok, either at the hotel restaurant or at your preferred spot within the resort. The unique Library Bar is ideal for relaxing while reading a book, enjoying a light snack or tasting some delicious wine.

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2. Discover the gay side of Chiang Mai 


The capital of the north, Chiang Mai, is an old, majestic city with a distinct history, that was once the center of an independent Thai kingdom.

The city is worth visiting because of the North’s special charm: here, the architecture, dialect, cuisine and customs are different than the rest of the country.

And while you might think that gay life would not be that lively here, we ‘ve got some news for you: throughout Chiang Mai, you will find many gay-orientated establishments, especially around the Old City, the Night Bazaar and Huay Kaew Road.

The hottest places to be include Soho Bar, CU Bar, Secrets, Yokka Dok, Adam’s Apple, House of Male and Orion Bar.



North Hill City Resort
The perfect place for your gay honeymoon! Here, you can enjoy a wide selection of casual meals or you can join the Farm-to-table Cooking Class and experience an outdoor culinary experience with the hotel’s professional chef. More gay tips.

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3. Live your gay romance in Ko Samui


The island of Ko Samui is probably the best relaxation destination in Thailand, full of places to explore and things to do.

It is a place where you should allow yourself enough number of days so that you get the chance to explore as much as you possibly can!

Crystal clear waters, palm trees touching the sea, whitewashed beaches; there is no other way to describe Samui, so close your eyes and imagine yourself being there!

In addition to lying on the beach, you can cross the small hamlets, the picturesque Muslim fishermen’s settlements and the coconut plantations.

Countless caves, enchanting lakes, and curious rock formations are the dominant scenery of the region’s 40 islands. Samui has its own slow tropical rhythms, that will surely enchant you at first sight!



Le Meridien Ko Samui Resort & Spa
Located close to popular beaches and famous gay hotspots, this is the perfect cozy place for relaxation. The resort provides Wi-Fi in all guest rooms and public areas and a 24-hour fitness center. More gay Tips.

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4. The exotic Krabi


Even though less developed than the cosmopolitan Phuket and the exotic Ko Samui, Krabi Province boasts a fairly good tourist infrastructure that will fully satisfy the visitor.

The area features numerous scattered islands and stunning beaches, where you can enjoy diving, canoeing, and other activities.

Having the small capital as your starting point, you can browse the whole province’s attractions. A visit to the Canyon Cemetery of San Hoi, where you can admire the bottom’s particular morphology formed by fossil shells, is highly recommended.

Krabi attracts thousands of gay tourists each year, and its more relaxed and laid-back character makes it ideal for couples or people looking for serenity and peace during their vacations.



The ShellSea Krabi
Combine your luxury holidays with privacy and tranquility. The hotel offers a fitness room, two swimming pools, and a special spa treatment. More gay tips.

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5. Gay “party” in Pattaya


Located on the east coast of the Taillan, Pattaya is ranked among the most successful coastal resorts in the world, counting million of visitors every year.

The colorful Pattaya is well known for its lively gay nightlife, where you can find hundreds of go-go bars in BoyzTown and Sunee Plaza, as well as gay massage shops, restaurants, and gay guesthouses.



Cape Dara Resort Pattaya
The resort is the perfect spot for all gay visitors. No matter if you are single or partnered, you can enjoy a day at the spa with a special facial treatment or you can simply have your drink in a lounge environment with soft music compilations. More gay tips.

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6. The gay Oasis of Phuket


Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, mostly preferred for relaxing and exotic holidays, as well as many activities. Large beaches in residential areas and green beaches are waiting to be discovered with a motorbike or car ride.

Evening life for all tastes, from calm, simple and relaxing evenings to… the very opposite! An island with tourists from all over the world, great local food and international cuisine choices, shops, street vendors and bazaars.

The majority of Phuket’s gay venues are located in the famous area called Paradise Complex, which hosts several gay bars, clubs, saunas, pubs, restaurants and any kind of gay business you might think of.



Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa
The resort offers traditional breakfast, rooms with sea view, an excellent location by the beach, and private pools. More gay tips.

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7. Phang Nga: Thailand’s gay jewel


Just like Krabi, Phang Nga Province is well known for its limestone rock formations.

This beautiful bay of Thailand is the perfect place for exotic and adventurous day trips and tours.

But what really makes Phang Nga stand out, is its people, who are really friendly and welcoming, making all travelers, including gay visitors, feel just like home!



Aleenta Phuket – Phang Nga Resort & Spa
A gourmet restaurant serving contemporary Thai cuisine, 8-days yoga program, free Wi-Fi; these are just a few of the things that this hotel offers. Also, Allenta Phuket has a direct access to the beach right in front of the hotel, as well as a beautiful swimming pool, for the non-beach lovers! More gay tips.

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