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Gay Dutch magician receives highest honor

Gay Dutch magician Hans Klok welcomed into exclusive Magic Circle

Gay Dutch magician receives highest honor

Hans Klok is famous for materialising the World Cup and making Pamela Anderson vanish into thin air.

Now, the former Las Vegas showman has been included into The Magic Circle, the world’s most exclusive magic society.

Based on performance ability, membership into The Magic Circle is only allowed for magicians who can perform up to four tricks in one minute. 

‘Hans is a great show-man,' said president of The Magic Circle, Jack Delvin.

'His production, The Houdini Experience, is a sensation reminding me of the golden days of magic not seen in the West End for years and I am delighted to present him with the highest level of membership possible at The Magic Circle.’

Klok is drawing the curtain on his Houdini Experience London debut this week to raving reviews.

He told GSN in a recent interview: 'The show is all about magic, so hypnosis, mind-reading, grand illusion, slight of hand, I’ve brought it all together in two hours.'

In the Houdini Experience, Klok uses magic stunts to tell stories about the famous magician. He also includes tricks like floating a lit bulb over the audience and escaping from a water tank.

'Just forget there is a trick and be amazed and entertained,’ said Klok. ‘Magic is art, but the only thing is, you can’t put your finger on what the art is.’