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Gay equality cop commended for work on LGBT issues

Police constable Ian Ashton has been awarded for helping LGBT members of the UK police

Gay equality cop commended for work on LGBT issues

UK’s Lancashire Police Constabulary have awarded their equality and diversity officer for his work on LGBT issues within the police.

Police Constable Ian Ashton received a Regional Commander’s Commendation award presented by Chief Superintendent James Lee.

‘I am extremely proud to have received this and it supports and endorses Lancashire constabulary’s work around LGB&T,’ Ashton told Gay Star News.

The commendation was awarded for Ashton’s work on national and local LGBT issues.

According to Chief Inspector Ralph Copley, Ashton is the co-chairman of the constabulary’s LGBT staff support network and works regularly with the diversity team at police headquarters.

As part of this year’s LGBT History Month, he hosted the LGBT National Police Conference, the first for many years. Over 150 police officers from over 30 police forces attended.

He also works with UK transgender organisation Cygnets2Swans and serves as their main contact.

Ashton also recruited the first openly gay police chaplain and is involved in the Police with Pride parade who march at Manchester Pride.

He has been a police officer for 20 years and lives in Preston, Lancashire, north west England, with his partner of seven years and their son who has a life shortening condition.

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