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Gay euphemisms dismissed from Taiwan's obits

Taiwan ministry says euphemisms should not be used in obituaries of gay people

Gay euphemisms dismissed from Taiwan's obits

The Ministry of Interior in Taiwan issued a progressive policy this week regarding references to partners in the obituaries of gay people.

In a paper on funeral etiquette to be released in June, the government suggests that obituaries avoid euphemisms like 'close brotherly or close sisterly relationship' to refer to gay partners.

The writers of the recommendations consulted with the gay community in Taiwan and partner was deemed the best term, reports Focus Taiwan.

Josephine Ho of Taiwan's Center for the Study of Sexualities told Gay Star News that the policy was a 'step in the right direction'. She is skeptical about how much societal prejudices can be changed through top-down governmental legislation, but supports policies such as this that are meant as guidelines. 'I think this is exactly the right way to do things,' she says.

'This recent effort to affirm out-of-the-norm relationships in everyday practices through concrete measures such as suggested ceremonial guidelines on the use of terms in orbituaries is thus a right step in the right direction.'

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