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This gay farmer hopes to fight homophobia, one market at a time

This gay farmer hopes to fight homophobia, one market at a time

The Gay Farmer

Mark Dyer is an out gay farmer and proud of it, but this wasn’t always the case.

Dyer grew up in Cornwall and was ashamed to be gay growing up.

He said: ‘In school, I used to plan how I would kill myself on many occasions and was bullied terribly.’

After he came out at university, he vowed never to go back down that road.

Dyer owns an olive farm in the small Spanish town of Moratalla, as well as a business called the Gay Farmer.

He produces olive oil and brings it back to London to sell and this weekend, he’s setting up a stall at the Maltby Street Market.

‘I spoke to the traders and market manager, and everyone gave their support,’ Dyer told Gay Star News.

Dyer is partnering with LGBTI charity Stonewall to fundraise money to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.

‘So here we are four months on about to host the first LGBT stall at one of London’s finest food, drink and produce markets,’ Dyer said.

Dyer will showcase his olive oil and fresh basil pesto alongside a Stonewall stall, offering information and selling t-shirts.

Mark Dyer the Gay Farmer
Mark Dyer the Gay Farmer Mark Dyer

A spokesperson from Stonewall said: ‘Community engagement is one of the most powerful tools for changing hearts and minds.

‘We’re delighted to have the support of the Gay Farmer and the Maltby Street Market this weekend.

‘We hope to see lots of people leave both with produce and a sense of solidarity with all LGBTI people,’ the spokesperson said.

Dyer believes no one should have to go through the homophobic bullying he went through while at school.

The Gay Farmer said: ‘Times have changed, and mostly for the better, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

‘Bullying is still a major problem and we must fight tooth and nail until this is no longer a problem.

‘I would like to do much, much more, but lets see how this weekend goes first.

‘If all goes well, there will be no stopping me,’ he said.