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Gay film classic My Beautiful Laundrette to be adapted into US TV show

Gay film classic My Beautiful Laundrette to be adapted into US TV show

My Beautiful Laundrette is getting a US remake Credit: Channel 4

My Beautiful Laundrette is being remade for TV, and will star Big Sick actor Kumail Nanjiani.

The love story of a British-Pakistani man rekindling a romantic relationship with an extremist street punk is considered a gay classic of the 1980s.

My Beautiful Laundrette is getting a remake

It originally starred Gordon Warnecke as Omar Ali and Daniel Day-Lewis as Johnny.

The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, but lost to Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters.

The remake of the 1985 indie film, while yet to find a distributor, is planned to have 10 episodes.

My Beautiful Laundrette, the TV show, will be executive produced by Oscar-winning writer-director Stephen Gaghan, along with original writer Hanif Kureishi and Silicon Valley’s Alec Berg.

Should a straight actor play a gay part?

While some hailed the idea of a remake of the classic romantic story, some questioned if Nanjiani is a good choice to play the lead.

On Facebook, one fan of the film said: ‘ It’s an opportunity taken from queer South Asian actor, whose queerness (compounded with their ethnicity) is probably more often than not an obstacle in their career.

‘Aside from that, straight actors rarely perform homosexuality correctly.

‘They tend to waver between minstrelsy and erasure, but most often, simply fail to be compelling. A gay actor could bring an element of truth to this performance that Kumail simply can’t.’

Twitter reacts

Others were more positive about the casting. It is not yet confirmed whether Nanjiani will play the lead part.

While some were more cautious about how to feel until they received more information.

And others, let’s face it, just want to know one thing.