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Gay film director makes cast and crew go vegan

Gay film director makes cast and crew go vegan

A gay filmmaker has persuaded his whole cast and crew to go vegan while making his LGBTI road movie.

Director Romas Zabarauskas is using the vegan pledge to help raise funds for the film, You Can’t Escape Lithuania, via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

It’s not his first stunt either – Zabarauskas and his lead actor Denisas Kolomyckis, both in their early 20s have already agreed to strip naked to help raise cash.

The pressure is on after the Lithuania Film Center refused them funding for the movie, saying it was not ‘brave’ enough.

Zabarauskas’ new idea is to partner with TuÅ¡ti Narvai (Empty Cages), Lithuania’s leading animal rights organization.

They will provide some of the food and are working with him to raise $3,500 (€3,100) to help fund You Can’t Escape Lithuania.

But for Zabarauskas it is not just about the money.

He told GSN: ‘I became vegan last year and this is a way for me to promote veganism. While my issue number one as an activist is LGBT rights, I feel veganism is a good way to tackle global warming and we should think about animal suffering too.

‘I don’t want to push anyone, people should form their own opinion. Maybe the cast and crew will hate me in the end for this but maybe they will love it and become vegan.

‘TuÅ¡ti Narvai is really cool and really gay friendly. It is good when activists can join forces and work together.’

You can find out more and pledge cash here. There are less than two days left to help fund the film, which is due to start shooting in July.