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What if gay filmmaker Pedro Almodovar had made Brokeback Mountain? ‘More sex’

What if gay filmmaker Pedro Almodovar had made Brokeback Mountain? ‘More sex’

Jake Gyllenhaal says it's now 'ok' for actors to be openly gay in Hollywood

Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain is a beautiful film, but has long been the target of jokes for its slightly unrealistic sex scene.

And Pedro Almodovar, a gay filmmaker who was originally going to direct the movie, would have definitely fixed that.

‘More sex, more sex, and this is not gratuitous,’ the Oscar-winning director said during Empire magazine’s podcast.

‘[Author] Annie Proulx’s story is about a physical relationship, an animal relation. So sex is necessary, because it is the body of the story. So I always had the image —these two guys start making love to each other like animals, like they were taking care of.’

He added: ‘Against the cold, in the mountain; almost a way to survive in the mountains. At the end, they discover that it was something else and they were surprised; it was like a big accident.

‘But the physical part, [the story] is about that. And I love the movie and the actors, they were incredible, but I’m always thinking about Annie Proulx and not Hollywood and I think my point of view was not easy to make.’

‘Of course they promise you all kinds of artistic freedom,’ he continued, ‘but it seems to me I could do that in Europe, but not in the United States.’

The original starred Jake Gyllenhaal and the late Heath Ledger. While tipped to win the Best Picture Oscar in 2006, it ultimately lost to Crash.

Almodovar’s new film, Julieta, is out in December.

Listen to Almodovar speak on the podcast here (around 54.20).

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