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Gay the fourth: The top five secret gay Star Wars moments

Gay the fourth: The top five secret gay Star Wars moments

It’s the time of year science fiction fans come together to share their love of all things Star Wars.

And to celebrate Star Wars Day (4 May) – Gay Star News is counting down the top five gay connotations you may not have noticed last time you watched the legendary movies.

1 The Lightsaber as a symbol of phallic strength

They are the most powerful weapons in the galaxy, requiring intelligence and fortitude to wield properly. But just take a look at the shape of the infamous Jedi/Sith weapon you might think of just how much fortitude it gives to its master.

Before you say so – yes this is subjective to any orientation and any straight member of the Jedi order or the empire could get this feeling – but think about the all male side of the power crazy villains.

Especially in the case of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine – imagine just how domineering and manly they must see themselves wielding their big red ones over an empire of able bodied young men, fit for battle.

2 The tragic death of the Rancor

Cast your minds back to 1983: Jabba The Hutt’s Palace, Tatooine.

The cream of the Rebel Alliance are hoping to save token dude Han Solo from Jabba’s clutches and Luke Skywalker finds himself facing the wrath of the evil Rancor in the dungeons.

We all know how he defeated this foul beast, but spare a quick thought for the Rancor’s master.

Remember just how tears of passion flow from his eyes when discovering his beloved companion has been slain, and think of how he just had to be cast wearing such revealing clothing for his day to day handling of the monster.

3 Star Wars: Old Republic’s gay planet download

For all the video game lovers, you might recall GSN’s coverage of this story.

In the free-to-play massicely-multiplayer-online (MMO) game, software company Bioware promised a free expansion involving a planet where same-sex couples make up most of the population.

LGBT gamers were certainly thrilled by the news but it has received some negative press – seeing how the planet in question is a ghetto filled with smugglers and mobsters who would spend many long hours in the violent cantina.

4 Lando Calrissian’s jealousy of Han Solo and Chewbacca

‘How you doing Chewbacca? Still hanging around with this loser?’ is Calrissian’s welcome to the infamous duo who’s relationship is certainly one many gay couples would admire.

Seeing how Calrissian is so jealous of Solo being lucky to get the Wookie, who knows just how hard it was to see the two of them together when they arrived at Bespin seeking his help?

Check out what I mean at the start of this compilation of Calrissian’s finest moments:

5 Anakin and Palpatine

I’ve already noted just how strong these villains must feel wielding their lightsabers before young men, but just think of the long running ‘bromance’ between Sith Lord and Emperor.

Considering the Star Wars timeline, Anakin and the Emperor have one of the longest running companionships, similar only to C-3PO and R2D2. Spending over 30 years clenched to your boss’s bosom can only be bearable if you have some deep attraction to his mysterious ways.

Here’s the moment when Anakin and Palpatine’s long term relationship fully blossoms:

So there you have the top five gay connotations that you may have missed last time you saw Star Wars.

From all of us at GSN: May the fourth be with you.