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Gay girl’s letter to girlfriend who thinks she’s ‘ugly’ will make you feel all the feels

Gay girl’s letter to girlfriend who thinks she’s ‘ugly’ will make you feel all the feels

This girl's letter to her girlfriend will make you feel all the feels

Most of us have looked in the mirror and thought ‘wow, I’m ugly’.

But one writer has penned a letter that might make you rethink how you see yourself.

Alex Durog, a 20-year-old based in the Philippines, dedicated the letter to her queer artist girlfriend Desiree.

Girl writes beautiful letter to girlfriend who thinks she’s ‘ugly’ 

The beautiful, motivating Twitter thread, which was written for their anniversary, has been retweeted over 92,000 times.

She wrote: ‘You call yourself ugly but you’ve only seen yourself when you look at the mirror.

‘You don’t see yourself when your face lights up at the sight of a baby, ice cream, or your favorite restaurant.

You don’t see yourself when you smile at me for finally understanding what you’re trying to say.

She added: ‘You don’t see yourself when you’re so focused at the things you love doing.

‘You tell yourself you’re ugly but you’ve never seen yourself talk about the things you love. The stars, sky, the constellations, and the universe.

And concluded: ‘You never saw yourself tear up for laughing so hard or turn red after I told you something cheesy.

‘I guess that’s why it’s so easy for people to say they’re ugly because they’ve never seen themselves in the smallest moments, in the ordinary, and still be beautiful.’

Massive reaction on social media

The thread has had a massively positive reaction.

‘Was really sad because each day as I scroll through my timeline in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, everyone looks so lovely,’ one responded.

‘My self-esteem goes 100 feet under the ground. There’s this certain standard of beauty set by society.

‘Thank you for breaking that and making me realize this.’

Alex also revealed the moment why she believes she and Desiree will last forever.

‘I realized that I loved her the moment that I want to make her happy for a lifetime,’ she said.

‘I want to be with her through everything and I want to make her see there’s beauty in this cruel world. Some realizations hit me.’

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