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Gay Gok, doc and Queen of Shops to run Hotel GB

UK gay TV presenters, including Gok Wan and Mary Portas, will run a hotel aiming to get young people into employment

Gay Gok, doc and Queen of Shops to run Hotel GB

Some of the UK’s most loved gay television presenters will be turning their attention to hotels in a new Channel 4 show.

Fashion expert Gok Wan, Queen of Shops Mary Portas, and Doctor Christian Jessen have been announced as a few of the celebrities who will be managing Hotel GB.

The show will aim to get unemployed people trained in the service industry and attempt them full-time jobs.

Portas will be managing the hotel with television chef Gordon Ramsay, who will also run the restaurant.

The Embarrassing Bodies doctor will manage the gym, and the How To Look Good Naked presenter will run the bar and organize entertainment events.

Property experts Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer will be the concierge and maître d’, and Dragon Den star Hilary Devy will manage the hotel shop.

Katie Piper, the charity campaigner who had acid thrown in her face in 2008, is running the spa,

Portas and Ramsay will compete to raise as much cash as possible for The Prince’s Trust and The Springboard Charity which both helps young people to find work.

The Hell’s Kitchen chef said: ‘We are all putting ourselves on the line to help kick-start careers for young people in the service industry.

‘The real excitement will come when members of the public book a room or visit the spa and restaurant and pay for the services if they think they are up to scratch.’

Hotel GB will begin airing in October 2012.

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