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Gay Grindr ‘serial killer’ wore blonde wig to give him confidence to seduce young male victims

Gay Grindr ‘serial killer’ wore blonde wig to give him confidence to seduce young male victims

Stephen Port's Grindr photo

The man who allegedly drugged four men he met on Grindr before raping and killing them wore a blonde wig to seduce the young victims, a court heart today.

Stephen Port, 41, from Barking, was was arrested last October following the discovery of the bodies of four men between June 2014 and September 2015.

He is accused with plying his victims with the drug GHB before carrying out the attacks.

Former partners of Port spoke in court today about his alleged behavior.

‘Stephen never tried any sexual acts I wasn’t happy with,’ one ex said.

He said the pair used to watch twink porn, and said he could ‘confirm he wore a toupee’.


‘I never saw him without it but was aware he used eyelash glue to stick it down,’ he said.

Another ex said Port visited a specialist hairdressers to fasten the wig on his bald head.

‘He has a thinning of hair on his head and sometimes wears a toupee to cover his baldness as it gives him confidence, especially when he was meeting other men,’ he said.

Port, who also worked as a male escort, was said to use the name ‘Shy Hunk’ on dating profiles.

The Old Bailey said the chef, who once appeared on Celebrity Masterchef, left their bodies near the churchyard and planted suicide notes and fake bottles of the drug on them.

He denies 29 charges, including four murders and seven rapes.

The victims were: Anthony Walgate, 23, originally from Hull, Gabriel Kovari, 22, from Lewisham, Daniel Whitworth, 21, from Gravesend, Kent, and Jack Taylor, 25, from Dagenham, east London.

All the charges cover the period 2011 to 2015.

The trial continues.