Gay guy on life with a 10-inch penis: ‘Anything under 8 inches seems small’

'I’m very proud of him. I show him off at the gym' | Photo: Pexels (posed by model)

I’m a 25-year-old gay man from Spain, living in London. I guess you could say I’m pretty big all over. I’m just over 6 feet tall, and have US size 12 feet.

I was 12 or 13 when I first realized I have an above average-sized dick. In gym class, it was pretty obvious.

My dick’s close to 10 inches long, and uncircumcised. It’s about six inches flaccid. The girth’s 8 inches, and I have pretty big balls.

‘I don’t get deep throated’

I prefer to stay single at the moment and enjoy sex – I hook up several times a week, whenever I need to. I’m always horny. Perhaps it’s my big balls, and the hormones.

I’m a total top, and I of course make a clear reference to my dick on my Grindr profile (‘XXL’). I’m upfront about it, and what my preferences are. It prompts loads of responses every day.

The most common question I get is always ‘How big is it?’ Then, when I answer, most people don’t believe me.

Or, they comment that they’re not used to my size and want to experience it. But I avoid inexperience.

Bottoms generally very much so struggle to accommodate me. I’ve been asked to stop half way through sex. And I’ve been turned down for anal by guys I was interested in before.

It doesn’t hurt my feelings, but it’s frustrating. It’s not fun.

There are steps I take to maximise the chance of successful fucking, Lots of lube, and patience, for example. And often, I don’t go all the way in.

I don’t really have problems when it comes to receiving oral. I just don’t get deep throated. And yes, I can give myself a blow job if I want to, but that’s not something I’m really into.

‘Anything under eight seems small’

When it comes to penis size, I have an odd perspective. I can’t help it. For me, it’s normal to be hung.

Eight inches seems average, and anything under eight seems small. I think a lot of guys probably feel that way – that anyone smaller than them constitutes ‘small’.

I wouldn’t handle it very well if I had a small penis. I’m just not attracted in that way.

But it’s not a hard and fast rule that I only sleep with guys the same size as me and bigger. Huge is just an ideal. I never meet guys bigger than me anyway, and very, very infrequently my size.

And if I had to choose between a big dick and a nice butt in a partner, I would choose a nice butt. But dick size is still important – perhaps too much.

‘Hung tops are not common’

One of the benefits of living in a big city like London is that there’s greater scope for finding sexual partners who meet my criteria.

I understand the concept of top privilege, and maybe there are parallels to make between that and size. But in my experience, tops are not common. Hung tops ever less so. So I suppose I get a lot of choice.

Is it a problem in the community? It’s hard to answer, because I’m in benefit of it. It’s not even a conversation I’ve had before; not with friends, or people I’ve slept with. I’m not closed to it though. It just hasn’t happened.

I am fetishised for my dick, and I don’t really mind, but I don’t encourage it.

I get a lot of offers from people wanting to pay to give me oral. I wouldn’t do that. It’s not even that I’m morally against it. But it just seems degrading to both parties.

People also use Grindr to approach me to do porn. I block as I’m not interested. I’m a lawyer.

‘I love talking about my big dick’

Is it annoying having such a big penis? No, not at all. It can be difficult finding condoms because of my girth, but I don’t often use them anyway, because I’m on PrEP.

I don’t have any problems sleeping or cycling. I don’t wear tiny underwear because there’s just no point. But it’s fun to show it off in tight-fitting pants. Also, it’s not like I’m constantly rearranging it. I just let it bulge.

In fact, if I had the option to go bigger, I would. I’d add a few inches on. Every guy would.

I don’t think I’ve ever dealt with jealousy from other gay men over it. The response is generally always very thirsty!

The interest doesn’t get annoying. I love to talk about my big dick. Plus, I understand why people are curious.

I suppose I do feel lucky, blessed. I’m very proud of him. I show him off at the gym. I get a lot of looks from guys, and I have no idea if they’re straight or not.

All my friends know, and I do get it out in social situations. I used to get him out a lot in high school! There was a lot of showing off.

Do I have a name for my big dick? No, but he needs one!

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