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Tour around the world’s coasts with these gay guys with beards on beaches

Tour around the world’s coasts with these gay guys with beards on beaches

Beaches are the most beautiful parts of any island. Endless golden sand, sparkling sapphire seas, and a prime spot to bake under the sun. But somehow we as a species have found a way to make something as good as beaches even better – letting handsome bearded men on them

So take a tour round the gay and stunning beaches of the world, with these guys as your tour guides.


Elia Beach, Mykonos

gay guys with beards on beaches
Photo: NervousEnergy, Flickr

Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Photo: Omar Haroun, Flickr


Termoli Borgo Antico, Molise

Photo: TierrayLibertad, Wikimedia Commons

Platamona, Sardinia

gay beaches guys with beards
Photo: Zxasqw80, WIkimedia Commons

Stintino Beach, Sardinia

Photo: Tommie Hansen, Flickr

Taormina, Sicily

Gay beaches guys with beards
Photo: Pixabay


Costa da Caparica 

Photo: Pixabay

Praia de Vilamoura, Vilamoura, Algarve



Photo: Valter Jacinto, Wikimedia Commons


Le Lioquet, La Ciotat

Photo: Thérèse Gaigé, Wikimedia Commons

Nice Beach, Nice

Photo: Sergey Ashmarin, Wikimedia Commons


Playa de la Mangueta, Andalusia

Photo: dronepicr, Flickr

Playa de Llevant, Formentera, Ibiza


Photo: Michela Simoncini, Flickr

Gran Canaria

Aldea De San Nicolas 

Photo: Ken Atkinson, Flickr

Maspalomas Beach & Sand Dunes

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Photo: Pixabay


Fire Island Pines, New York

Photo: David Shankbone, Wikimedia Commons

South Beach, Miami, Florida

Photo: Averette, Wikimedia Commons


Guaratuba Beach

gay guys with beards on beaches
Photo: caetano051068, Wikimedia Commons


Progreso Beach, Yucatan

Photo: Pixabay

Cape Verde

Santa Maria

Photo: Laura.rr, Flickr


Whitehaven Beach, Queensland

Photo: Kevin Gibbons, Flickr

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Photo: Pixabay

Gordons Bay, Sydney

Photo: Sardaka, Wikimedia Commons

Surfers Paradise Beach, Queensland

Gay guys with beards on beaches
Photo: Kgbo, Wikimedia Commons


Bang Sare Beach, Pattaya

Klong Doa, Ko Lanta

Gay guys with beards on beaches
Photo: Anders Lejczak, Flickr


West Street Beach, Laguna

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