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Gay hairdresser jailed for stabbing man with scissors

Gay hairdresser jailed for stabbing man with scissors

A gay hairdresser will be jailed for two and a half years for stabbing a man with scissors after he taunted him over his sexuality.

Lee Howett, 26, who lives in Essex, England, stabbed the man in the shoulder with his hairdressing scissors at Basildon train station.

The incident took place at around 11.15pm on 24 June, The Daily Mail reports.

Addressing the defendant, Judge David Owen Jones said: ‘It may be and I accept it probably was the case that one of the young men made a homophobic comment towards you.

‘That must have been hurtful but unfortunately you reacted very badly when it would have been easier to distance yourself from the group.’

The man attacked was with a large group of friends, singing and shouting on the platform as they waited for a train after a day of heavy drinking at a football match.

Basildon Crown Court heard Howett was also in an emotional state and had been drinking after confronting a violent ex-partner. Two weeks earlier, Howett had called the police after being ‘seriously assaulted’ by his ex. 

Howett is believed to have told the men to ‘shut up’ which then spiraled into a fist fight with the group.

CCTV shown to the jury showed Howett was knocked to the floor and kicked repeatedly by his man before he snapped and used his hairdressing scissors to inflict a wound requiring five stitches.

While Judge David Owen Jones admitted ‘strong mitigating circumstances’, he added: ‘People who use scissors as a weapon in a public place to stab somebody must face imprisonment.’

Howett’s defense barrister Chris Whitcombe explained how his defendant had suffered ‘abuse’ as a child and was victimized due to his sexuality since his teenage years.

This constant bullying has resulted in substance abuse, mental health issues and even led Howett to attempt suicide on multiple occasions.

Howett plead guilty to one count of wounding with intent.