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Gay-hating Ugandan minister Sam Kutesa elected UN president

Gay-hating Ugandan minister Sam Kutesa elected UN president

Uganda’s foreign minister Sam Kutesa, accused of helping to pass the anti-gay law, has been elected United Nations president.

It was Africa’s turn to make the appointment, and 65-year-old was the continent’s unanimous choice for the role.

Several thousand LGBTI advocates and allies signed a petition calling for him to be blocked from taking the petition, but the UN failed to listen.

They accused him of playing a role in the enactment of Uganda’s strict anti-gay law, which sets up sentences of up to life in prison for homosexuality.

Michael Cashman, a member of European Parliament, said: ‘Placing Mr Kutesa in such a prominent position is an insult to the founding values and principles of the United Nations.

‘I can not imagine the United Nations will continue its sterling work as the guardian of our human rights, including of LGBTI people, with an outspoken homophobe at one of the top positions.’

Human Rights Watch Africa expert Maria Burnett said: ‘There are real concerns about Sam Kutesa’s commitment to the values embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including his defense of Uganda’s profoundly discriminatory anti-homosexuality law.’

And Peter Tatchell, veteran gay rights activist, has written to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon condemning Kutesa’s appointment.

‘Looking to the future,’ he said, ‘the UN needs to put in place a proper scrutiny procedure for all candidates for senior posts, to prevent corrupt officials and human rights abusers being appointed.’