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YouTuber buys town, renames it Gay Hell to protest Trump’s policy

YouTuber buys town, renames it Gay Hell to protest Trump’s policy

Elijah Daniel, mayor of Gay Hell.

A YouTuber has bought a tiny town in Michigan and renamed it Gay Hell to protest Trump’s Pride flags ban.

Elijah Daniel became mayor of the city of Hell in 2017. After banning straight people from entering the city, he has now changed its name to Gay Hell.

He said it is an act of protest against the Trump administration which recently rejected requests from US embassies to fly the rainbow flag.

Daniel is a comedian, rapper, music producer, songwriter, author and ‘rimjob enthusiast,’ according to his Wikipedia page.

‘I spent two days calling towns asking to let me be their mayor….. and guess what….

‘As of today, August 30th, 2017 I am the legal mayor of Hell, Michigan. This is real. I am the mayor of Hell,’ he revealed in 2017.

Welcome to Gay Hell

He shared a picture of himself posing next to the town sign bearing the new name.

‘ahead of pride month Trump’s administration put a ban on embassy’s flying pride flags,’ he wrote in a tweet on 17 June.

‘so as of today, I am now the owner of Hell, Michigan. I bought the whole town,’ he also wrote.

He finally added: ‘And my first act as owner, I have renamed my town to Gay Hell, MI. The only flags allowed to fly are pride.’

Daniel then clarified his flag rule is intended as a joke and there will not be a ban on other flags, Daniel told NBC News.

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