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Gay hook-up app Hornet speaks out against Donald Trump’s refugee ban

Gay hook-up app Hornet speaks out against Donald Trump’s refugee ban

One of the world’s leading gay social apps, Hornet, has lashed out at President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from seven countries from entering the United States.

Hornet sent a short message to its users on Sunday saying it supported immigrants and muslims.

Founded in 2011 the app has more than 18 million users and claims to be the market leader in France, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan and Turkey.

‘Hornet stands in solidarity with immigrants and muslims around the world,’ the message said.

‘We have strived to create a global community that celebrates diversity and transcends walls or borders.

‘We are committed to and will fight for the human rights of all.’

The message linked to the American Civil Liberties Union ‘Know Your Rights’ resource page and ended with the hashtag #NoBanNoWall.

Trump’s controversial decision

President Trump sparked impromptu protests at American airports after he signed an executive order banning refugees from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the United States for the next three months while his government reviews its immigration policy.

The order left many people stranded, held at airports or not allowed to board planes to the US, despite having the right paperwork to enter the country.

Hornet also took to its social media site to share stories of protests and reactions to the presidential executive order.

Gay Star News approached Hornet for comment about its message but have not received a response at the time of publishing.