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Gay husbands feature in Hershey’s new ‘Say It With A Kiss’ advert

Gay husbands feature in Hershey’s new ‘Say It With A Kiss’ advert

Matt and Josh Noble feature in the Hershey's advert

Confectionary brand Hershey’s features gay husbands in its latest ‘Say It With A Kiss’ advertising campaign advert.

The adorable advert features husbands Josh and Matt Noble, who live in New York City. The couple recently moved Josh’s mother into their home so they could help support her.

‘She and my father spent all of their lives making my brother Jason and me feel loved and accepted and supported,’ Josh says. ‘Now it’s our chance to do that for her.’

The couple discuss their holiday traditions, which includes Hershey’s Kisses (a best-selling confectionary from the brand) – which Josh’s mom used to put in her sons’ stockings when they were kids.

In an email statement to Huffington Post, Senior Brand Manager Yussef Kuri said, ‘The Hershey Company and Hershey’s Kisses chocolates bring people together and help to celebrate life’s special moments.’

Commenting on the campaign, which began in May and culminates with this latest advert, Kuri said, ‘Each and every one of these stories are the perfect example of the values and culture that is deeply embedded in our company.’

Hershey scored the top mark of 100 on the most recent Corporate Equality Index from HRC – a ranking of corporations according to their LGBT-friendly policies and procedures.

H/T: Huffington Post