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Gay icons turned into My Little Pony

Gay icons turned into My Little Pony

What would Dolly Parton say about a sculpture made of her with a big mouth and even bigger hair? We reckon she’d love it, even if the sculpture is of her as a horse.

Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen has reimagined some of the world’s most beloved pop culture fixtures, many of them LGBT icons, as My Little Pony miniature figurines.

The artist told the Huffington Post the idea for the My Little Pop Icons collection came about when as an art student in 2008 she ‘was looking for a way to express myself concerning today’s materialism and individualism.’

‘With my My Little Pop Icons series I mostly concentrate on studying the personal brand…’

She looks as personal brands dating back to old-school Hollywood, including Marilyn Monroe and Rocky Horror Picture Show, to more modern representations like Lady Gaga and Iron Man.

A few of the sculptures feature LGBT icons, to which Kasurinen said it’s important to have a positive role model ‘especially within communities, such as the LGBT community, which have to confront and deal with discrimination, prejudice or even racism, hostility and violence.

‘In an ideal situation icons give a positive effect in people’s lives with their existence, example and actions. They are people who inspire, empower, give courage or help us to widen our perspective.’

These My Little Pony figurines are having a positive effect on our day already, and imagine our delight at learning Kasurinen is planning an LGBT series.

‘I would love to portray Cher, Madonna, more film starts from the Hollywood’s Golden Era, notorious drag queens and burlesque starlets…’

Who would you love to see reinvented as a My Little Pony? All artwork by Mari Kasurinen.