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Gay journalist sexually harassed by ‘comedian’ live on television

Gay journalist sexually harassed by ‘comedian’ live on television

Chris Glover was sexually harassed on national television | Photo: Screenshot

A gay journalist has filed a police complaint after being sexually harassed by a comedian on live television.

Chris Glover, a CBC Toronto reporter, was at a downtown comedy club to cover a story.

He was discussing concerns Canadian performers have about the takeover of a satellite radio station.

In the 30 second clip, comedian Boyd Banks creepily licked and kissed the reporter’s ear and neck.

CBC has condemned the incident as unacceptable.

Gay journalist sexually harassed on national television

Glover’s fiancé, Jeffrey Valis, said: ‘This is so disturbing and I get more uncomfortable every time I watch this creepy guy assault Chris on live television.

‘Why do people think it’s OK to harass & assault reporters while they do their job?! It’s gotta stop!’

Glover said he could feel a man behind him and could smell alcohol on his breath.

‘I could feel something on the back of my neck and on the back of my head … I didn’t really know what it was,’ Glover said.

‘Looking back, I knew that it was his tongue and he was licking me.’

Glover said he couldn’t see the man when he finished the report. He left shortly because he didn’t feel safe at the bar.

Boyd told CBC Radio’s As It Happens: ‘There is no excuse for my behavior last night.

‘I’m guilty of everything.’

‘I’m an idiot’

‘I am an idiot,’ he continued.

‘I want to apologize to the standup community in Canada and of course the reporter, who was doing his job.’

The Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians issued a statement apologizing to Glover and calling Banks’ actions ‘despicable’.

‘Unfortunately, the trend of harassing reporters continues and is something we take very seriously … simply stated, these incidents are as troubling as they are unacceptable,’ said CBC spokesperson Chuck Thompson.

‘Chris Glover showed remarkable composure and professionalism in the face of a very awkward situation.’

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