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Gay K-pop star Holland releases new song, with heartbreaking music video

Gay K-pop star Holland releases new song, with heartbreaking music video

Holland's new music video for Nar_C

Korean pop star Holland (real name Go Tae-seob) released a new song, with a heartbreaking music video.

The 22-year-old singer from Seoul is making waves as one of the first people to come out as gay within the Korean pop music industry and debuting last year.

Holland released Nar_C as his first single of 2019 on Sunday (31 March), featuring a tumultuous same-sex romance.

But before the single release, he shared a teaser image on Friday (29 March) that explained the story of the music video. A gay couple are together for two years and living together for one, until it all gets too much.

‘Sensitive and delicate Holland,’ he stated. ‘Spontaneous and impulsive Jaeseok.’

He then added: ‘As time went by, they got used to each other, would get into fights over things. From time to time, Holland would see himself in Jaeseok.

‘After fighting, Jaeseok would always bring a yellow daffodil as an apology. One day, they had a big argument over a small issue. They could not contain their emotions.

‘Jaeseok left.

‘Holland was left at home by himself. Sometimes he opens the door but Jaeseok never comes back. Holland goes outside holding a yellow daffodil,’ he explained.

It’s unclear whether this is a reflection of Holland’s own life.

Holland on love, growing up gay and making out with cute boys

This latest single is Holland’s fourth, after releasing I’m Not Afraid, as well as I’m So Afraid last year.

The former features a steamy 15-second long make out session.

Holland exclusively told Gay Star News he was ‘nervous’ at first for the filming of the 15 second-long kissing scene.

He said: ‘Even though I was nervous, I just thought that I should listen to the director as much as possible and finish it all at once.

‘But it’s been filmed four times,’ he revealed – with a cheeky ‘lol’ at the end.

YouTube gave the music video an R-rating and Holland said he still doesn’t know why.

He said: ‘Maybe YouTube thought long homosexual kissing was inappropriate for children.’

Two guys kissing in new music video for Holland's new song I'm Not Afraid
Music video for Holland’s new song I’m Not Afraid. | Photo: Holland / YouTube

Holland also revealed it’s incredibly tough growing up as LGBTI in South Korea.

He confided in a close friend about his sexuality and then the next day, students in his middle school started bullying him.

He told Gay Star News people threatened him with physical violence and even ‘sexual harassment.’

‘I was bullied at school,’ he said. ‘I was so afraid to die.’

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