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Gay kiss attacked by Mexican football association

Gay kiss attacked by Mexican football association

Federación Mexicana de Futbol (Femexfut), the Mexican football association, may take action against two soccer players who shared a gay kiss.

During a match between Puebla and América last Sunday (22 April), in the Cuauhtémoc stadium in Puebla, América football players Christian Benítez, from Ecuador, and Matías Vuoso, from Argentina, celebrated a successful penalty with a gay kiss.

Femexfut president Alfonso Sabater said: ‘A gay kiss is not a good example for children and vulnerable people. We must censor this behaviour.’

Another official from Femexfut added that a gay kiss in a stadium ‘is like flipping off to someone else.’ The Veracruz newspaper El Golfo reports that some official sanctions are expected, though it is not yet clear what form these might take.

In the history of football gay kisses are not unheard of, like that between Maradona and Caniggia or that between Manchester United players Paul Scholes and Gary Neville in 2010.

But the new case in Mexico has been criticized by sport journalists. During the match the TV Azteca commentator condemned the players for the kiss.

Femexfut president Sabater added: ‘This kind of celebration is not appropriate to the image of football.’