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Gay kiss exhibition in Rome destroyed by vandals

Gay kiss exhibition in Rome destroyed by vandals

A gay kiss exhibition was attacked in Rome, Italy, by a gang of young vandals yesterday (17 October).

Police are investigating after, at around 7pm, the group of thugs entered the L’Opera art Gallery, in Monserrato Street, and sprayed paint on the pictures and photos of the Trialogo exhibition.

The owner of the gallery, Andrea Iezzi, told the Italian newspaper la Repubblica: ‘I’m stunned. This is violence and censorship, against art and against the artists.’

Trialogo hosts the photographs and paintings made by three artists, the Italian Mauro Maugliani and the Spaniards Gonzalo Orquin and Luis Serrano.

Launched on 25 September, the Catholic Church protested against the group of photos, Si, Quiero! by Orquin.

The 16 photographs feature gay men kissing in some of the most beautiful Roman churches, but due to religious opposition the pictures were soon censored and covered with black paper by the gallery.

In God We Trust, a painting by Maugliani, was completely destroyed in the attack.