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Gay kiss featured in Sports Illustrated Super Bowl issue

Gay kiss featured in Sports Illustrated Super Bowl issue

While the stereotype of American football fans may be loud, homophobic, jock-ish types, Sports Illustrated gave gay fans something to smile about.

Readers of the long-running US magazine saw a more diverse representation of San Francisco 49er fans in the Super Bowl preview issue this week.

The sports magazine, which has an annual ‘swimsuit’ issue, includes a picture taken at ‘Hi Tops’, a new gay sports bar in San Francisco.

It was taken the moment the team won the game and secured a spot in the Super Bowl against the Baltimore Ravens, and managed to capture a gay couple celebrating.

Speaking to NBC, Hi Tops owner Jesse Woodward said the photo’s inclusion in the magazine sends a message to the world sports fans come ‘from all walks of life and we’re all a big melting pot.’

One of the bartenders Logan Chavarria added: ‘A lot of people come in and don’t even know it’s a gay bar and then we find out we have a common bond.’

Chavarria also said photo being included in the coverage of a mainstream sports magazine felt like a win for the entire gay community.

‘I told my mom and she cried,’ he said.

The Super Bowl XLVII will take place on 3 February, and will include a halftime show featuring Beyoncé.