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Gay kiss protest against Catholic hate in Croatia

Gay kiss protest against Catholic hate in Croatia

Gay rights campaigners held a mass kissing protest outside one of Croatia’s main Catholic cathedrals after priests branded homosexuality ‘unnatural’.

Around 100 demonstrators locked lips and waved rainbow flags outside the church in the capital Zagreb on Saturday (12 January).

It follows statements by several senior members of the clergy calling homosexuality ‘unnatural’ and claiming gays will ‘destroy Croatia’ after the government moved to include a sexual minority section in the primary school curriculum.

About 500 anti-gay protesters held a counter-rally at the cathedral, hurling homophobic abuse and pelting the crowd with eggs.

‘We are here to send messages of love from the place which only sends out hate speech,’ protester Matea Popov from LGBT rights group Zagreb Pride said, reported the Balkan Insight.

According to the Euronews website, police formed a barricade between the two opposing groups and arrested three people.