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Gay & Lesbian Outrageous Ridiculous & Ignorant Comments Awards seeks nominations

Gay & Lesbian Outrageous Ridiculous & Ignorant Comments Awards seeks nominations

Margaret Court is against same-sex marriage coming to Australia and won the awards last year

Australia’s Gay & Lesbian Outrageous, Ridiculous and Ignorant Comments Awards (GLORIAs) is seeking nominations for this years prize.

The GLORIAs highlight outrageous, ignorant and ridiculous comments made about LGBTI citizens.

Organizers are seeking nominations in the categories media, religion, anonymous idiots, politics and sport.

There’s also an award for the silliest comment by a member of the LGBTI community. And, a Good GLORIA for a comment that benefited the community.

The awards, founded by New South Wales politician Penny Sharpe, are now celebrating their 10th year. The ceremony raises funds for charity.

Nominations are open here.

Who won awards last year?

Last year, GLORIA awarded tennis player Margaret Court the top prize.

Court described homosexuality as a ‘lust for the flesh’ and said ‘LGBT tendencies in young people’ were ‘all the devil’.

She also said: ‘That’s what Hitler did. That’s what communism did – get in the minds of the children… They’re after our young ones, that’s what they’re after’.

Court clashed with the most important person in the global fashion industry, Anna Wintour over her homophobic comments earlier this year.

‘Intolerance has no place in tennis,’ Wintour said, in reference to calls to rename the Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne.

Court, with 24 Grand Slam titles to her name, said in response: ‘The saddest thing is someone coming from America and telling us in this nation what to do.’

Homophobic blogger Marijke Rancie who runs ‘Political Posting Mumma’, also won one of the awards last year.

In June, Rancie apologized to an LGBT youth leader.  Youth leader Adele Moleta, also known as Delsi Cat, sued her for defamation over a Facebook post.

In December 2017, Rancie wrote ,Moleta ‘is a sick and twisted person who organises events for high school-aged children at which she engages in and condones sexually suggestive conduct while nude or semi-nude’.