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Gay license plate revoked

Gay license plate revoked

A gay license plate raising money for LGBT youth has been revoked by the US state of Indiana.

The speciality plate, complete with rainbow logo, was created by the Indiana Youth Group (IYG).

But now the state's Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has ruled the non-profit group, which helps gay youngsters, violated its contract by offering coveted plates with low-digit numbers in exchange for contributions to the group.

However, in a statement on 9 March, BMV said using low-number plates as thank-you gifts was a common occurrence.

Just two weeks after the plates were made available, anti-gay activists began petitioning lawmakers to take the plates away and 20 Republican senators wrote to the BMV demanding the plates be removed from sale.

Now IYG is exploring legal options to try and get their plate back. 

'It took a long time to get the plates and we are not planning on letting go of them easily,' said IYG executive director Mary Byrne.

'Everybody on our board was invested in doing everything possible to get that license plate back,' she said. 'We're going after that plate.'

The plate was orginally turned down by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, who argued it did not have a wide enough appeal and worried  revenue from sales of the plate may be used to pay IYG employees.

But after a legal battle, the colorful plate was made available to buy for $40 – of which $25 went towards the group.