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Gay male model to sue Starbucks after barista told him to ‘become a man’

Gay male model to sue Starbucks after barista told him to ‘become a man’

Gay Brazilian model Harry Louis has claimed he was the target of discrimination in a Starbucks, when a worker told him to ‘become a man’.

The former boyfriend of designer Marc Jacobs, he says he intends to sue the coffee company over the ‘humiliating’ incident.

Louis said he went to grab a hot drink while he was waiting for a connecting flight at the São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport on Wednesday morning (10 December).

But as the Starbucks wasn’t open at 7am, the model asked a worker setting up when he would be able to get a coffee.

He claims the employee told him if he wanted one, he should go ‘put on an apron’.

‘I said no, it wouldn’t be a good look on me, and she snapped saying "Become a man and then I won’t offer you my apron!".’

Speaking to UOL, he said: ‘I felt humiliated, because there was a line of people watching the scene.’

A Starbucks spokesperson said they were ‘very concerned’ by the experience reported by the model.

‘We are actively investigating the incident. We do not tolerate any discrimination against customers, so we are taking the necessary steps to investigate the case and make this right.

‘Such behavior does not reflect our values that treat everyone with dignity and respect.’