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Gay male strip in North Miami Beach wins battle to have nude dancers and alcohol

Swinging Richards argued that city ordinance was not being enforced at female strip clubs

Gay male strip in North Miami Beach wins battle to have nude dancers and alcohol

Male nude dancing will live on at Swinging Richards, a gay strip club in North Miami Beach that had sued the city for the right to continue to have its dancers perform in the buff.

The club agreed to drop its lawsuit which challenged a city ordinance that prohibited the mix of nudity and alcohol. In exchange, Swinging Richards and the straight strip clubs Dean’s Gold and G5 are no longer restricted by the 1994 ordinance.

Swinging Richards had argued that the ordinance was not being enforced against straight clubs in North Miami.

‘We were not causing a problem, but giving people a good time,’ CB Jones, owner of the club, tells South Florida Gay News.

Jones complained that he had to go through considerable expense in the legal fight – it included lawsuits filed in both federal and state court – but applauded the city for ‘resolving the issue without going to a lengthy trail that would have been costly for both sides.’

‘It isn’t really a victory when you just win what you should have had in the first place,’ he added.

But Swinging Richards and the other two clubs are the exception. New businesses are still not allowed to have the mix of alcohol and nudity unless they successfully sue for the right.

The club is celebrating its victory stating on its website: ‘Swinging Richards WON! Thanks to your help, Swinging Richards has been grandfathered by the City of N. Miami Beach. This means we always HAVE BEEN, and ALWAYS WILL BE the only fully nude all male, gay club in Florida! Come see what you are missing!’

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