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Gay man, 21, kills himself over hate in Italy

Gay man, 21, kills himself over hate in Italy

A 21-year-old man has killed himself by jumping from the 11th floor of an Italian building.

In the early hours of Sunday morning (27 October), the young Italian climbed onto the roof of a former pasta factory and threw himself off onto the busy streets of Rome.

Police have identified the man as Simone D (his surname is unknown), a medical student at the University La Sapienza.

‘I’m gay,’ he said, in a note discovered after his death.

‘Italy is a free country but there is homophobia. Those who have these attitudes must deal with their conscience.’

Authorities believe the 21-year-old had been suffering harassment at his internship at the Policlinico Umberto, the largest public hospital in Italy.

His family, who did not know their son Simone was gay, said they had ‘no idea’ he was even depressed.

On Wednesday (30 October), gay rights activists will hold a protest to urge the parliament to pass a law against homophobia and transphobia.

Fabrizio Marrazzo, a Gay Center spokesman, told newspaper Corriere della Sera that it is yet another ‘tragic event’ to happen in Italy.

‘This is the third gay person to have committed suicide in Rome in the last few months. We want to draw the attention of institutions, society and schools that the Parliament has not yet approved a worthy law against homophobia,’ he said.

‘We are holding a protest to say enough is enough. Homophobia and transphobia must stop.’

In Italy, one in 10 LGBT people consider suicide.