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Gay man and interracial straight couple attacked in New York

Gay man and interracial straight couple attacked in New York

A gay man and his straight interracial couple friends were attacked in early morning outside a bar in Queens, New York on Saturday (17 August).

The three were leaving a Long Island City bar where they were celebrating the girl’s 40’s birthday, Billie James-Vogel.

Her, her partner Jacob and their gay friend say three men in a car began hurling homophobic and racist slang toward the group.

‘When I think about the slurs, the N-word and the F-word, it hurts,’ she said, according to NBC News.

The group of men then assaulted the couple and their friend leaving the straight male with a black eye and a head injury and his wife with a broken toe and other bruises.

‘It breaks my heart, in this day and age, in this neighborhood, it just kills me,’ James-Vogel added.

The attack comes at a time when New York is experiencing a large rise in the amount of homophobic hate crimes.

New York Police Department has investigated 68 attacks against gay people in 2013, a rise from 54 attacks in all of 2012.

If this sharp spike in attacks continues, the NYPD will likely investigate double the amount of attacks than in 2012.

Included in the 2013 figures is the murder of a 32-year-old man in Greenwhich Village, New York on 18 May.